Kybella is a non-surgical treatment that improves neck and jaw definition by reducing your double chin. An FDA approved treatment, Kybella targets submental fullness or excess fat under the chin. A simple injectable procedure, Kybella improves the contour of the chin and redefines your facial profile.

Kybella is made from deoxycholic acid, a chemical our body produces to help absorb fats. Through tiny injections under the skin, Kybella breaks up and dissolves fats cells. The fat cells are reabsorbed by your body. Over a period of weeks, as the fat cells break apart, the body’s healing process stimulates collagen production. The result is a subtle tightening of the skin and a more defined jaw line. Watch Kybella treatment video.

Improve neck and jaw definition.

Target fullness under the chin.

Dissolves fat cells that do not regenerate.

Kybella Targets:

  1. Submental fullness or excess fat under the chin.
  2. Refining your facial profile.
  3. Improved the contour of your chin.

Kybella Questions

In some people, diet and exercise will tone arms, legs or define abds but not minimize a double chin. The extra fat pad under the chin may be genetic or has become more prominent with age. Kybella is an excellent alternative to more invasive procedures such as liposuction or neck lift. Downtime is minimal and recovery is simple.

Kybella is ideal for someone with a distinct appearance of fat under the chin and good skin elasticity. An in-office, non-invasive procedure, it is an option for the individual who does not want surgery. Kybella does not treat skin laxity, tighten muscle or treat neck wrinkles.

At the start of the treatment, the aesthetic injection specialist will assess the chin and mark under the chin area with a grid, identifying the injection sites. Multiple tiny injections are placed into the skin of the neck, just under the chin using an ultra-fine needle. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

The number of Kybella treatments are determined by the amount of fat under the chin, your overall aesthetic goals and your body’s response to the treatment. In most patients, visible results are generally seen with 2 – 4 treatments. Each treatment is spaced one month apart.

Kybella begins breaking down fat cells immediately after the injection procedure. Treatment results gradually develop over the first few weeks as the body absorbs the dissolved fat cells. Once the cells dissolve, fat can no longer accumulate there. Collagen production is also stimulated in the healing process leading to a tauter jawline. Some patients may require multiple treatments to achieve their aesthetic goal.   

There is no downtime with the procedure. A Kybella treatment can be done over lunch hour, you can return to work after the procedure. After the treatment you may experience mild swelling and discomfort. This can be alleviated with ice packs and over the counter pain medication.

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