Maffi Face Surgery Procedures

Detailed precision for your face

As we age, certain parts of our face tend to droop, sag, and develop wrinkles and a facelift can address these signs of aging. Trained at the renowned Mayo Clinic in all facets of plastic surgery, Dr. Terry Maffi is a highly skilled facial plastic surgeon. His focus is achieving patients’ goals, accentuating their natural beauty and restoring facial youthfulness.

Whether you are considering a complete facial makeover or a more subtle anti-aging treatment, Maffi offers a full range of custom-tailored facial plastic surgery procedures and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to refine and rejuvenate your face. Interested in a personal consultation at Maffi Clinics? Call us today at 480.505.6430 or send an email request.

Learn the types of face surgical procedures available at Maffi Surgery Clinic by clicking below.

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