Allē Loyalty Program


Allē is the new and improved version of Brilliant Distinctions. It will have all of the great features you loved from Brilliant Distinctions and so much more! Maffi Clinics is excited to offer this premiere loyalty program by Allergan Aesthetics. Here are some of Allē’s key points.


Seamless Transition

Some of you may be wondering how this will affect your current Brilliant Distinctions account and points. The answer is, it won’t.

Allē has made it so you can merge your Brilliant Distinctions account with ease. Simply visit: and follow the instructions to log in with your Brilliant Distinctions account information.

You will only have to do this once and your account will officially be transitioned to Allē. Your points and offers from Brilliant Distinctions will automatically be in your Allē wallet and available for use.


Using Your Points is Easier

One of the biggest obstacles with Brilliant Distinctions is activating and redeeming of your points. Often times your passwords don’t save or you can’t log into the app which is frustrating and time consuming.

Problem solved! One of the exciting updates Allē will bring is coupon-less redemption. Now you won’t have to go in and activate your points because we will be able to see what is available in your Allē wallet and apply those rewards to your Maffi Clinics’ treatment with ease.


No More Tiers

As you may recall, Brilliant Distinctions has three different tiers: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. These tiers were determined based on how much you spent in a calendar year. They also determined how many points you would earn per treatment. Allē simplifies this process because now there is only one goal – to be on the A-List.

To qualify for the A-List, members need to earn 1200 points in a calendar year. This is easily attainable because you have more opportunities to earn points with Allē. Once you are an A-List member your points will never expire! You will also have access to VIP member support, receive surprise gifts and offers, and have early access to certain events and offer throughout the year. With perks like these, it’s a no brainer.


We’ve Saved the Best for Last

How is Allē different from Brilliant Distinctions? If you weren’t convinced by what you’ve read so far, you will be now. Allē wants you to earn and redeem points on all the treatments you love, not just Allergan-based treatments. You will now earn points on a larger variety of products and treatments available at Maffi Clinics.

  • Earn points for non-Allergan services, including surgery.
  • Now have 12 months to use your points before they expire.
  • Earn points for Botox up to 8 times each calendar year.

When you come in to see one of our providers for a non-Allergan service or have a surgical procedure with Dr. Maffi, you will earn points on Allē. These points can be used on any Allergan treatment or product in our office. This perk alone will get you on the A-List that much faster because you will be earning more points and on a more consistent basis. Plus there is no longer a 90-day restriction for earning Botox points because Allē understands that you might treat different areas at different times. Start earning more with Allē at Maffi Clinics!

Request a Consultation

If you are just as excited as we are and want to learn more about Allē please call, text, or email Maffi Clinics. Our Front Desk Concierge is here to help you with this transition and answer any questions you may have. Head over to to prepare for your next visit with us!