Benefits of REFINE

Maffi’s patient-centered membership program.


Membership has rewards.

We all know that developing a plan and following it regularly leads to positive outcomes. Creating a plan may be the easy part. Staying on schedule can be tricky with our busy lives. When you first start an exercise program it takes time to see results. But sticking to a routine and being committed is when you start to notice changes.

Building a good skin health regimen requires the same type of commitment. Once a routine is established and consistently followed, your skin looks healthy and refreshed.

We focus on your aesthetic goals, your schedule and your budget.

REFINE by Maffi works with you to create a skin health regimen that meets your needs. We focus on your aesthetic goals, your schedule and your budget. Too often with memberships you are committed to services that are not of value to you. With REFINE by Maffi the focus is on you.

Instead of our choosing the services or creating the membership, you are in charge. You create a treatment plan with your Maffi provider built around services that meet your specific goals. Fully customizable, you have the option to change your membership at any time. Having the freedom to design what works for you is our priority.


Knowing and following a schedule can be a challenge. One of the benefits of the membership is that we help you stay on schedule. Using your smartphone, the REFINE app powered by HintMD alerts you of upcoming appointments. This helps you reach and maintain the results you are looking for.


REFINE members benefit from our Loyalty Rewards. Every 6 months a Loyalty Reward treatment is automatically applied to your account at no cost to you. REFINE members also benefit from the best pricing on discounts and promotions. These benefits can be an opportunity for you to try a service or product you have never tried before.


To find out more about the REFINE program, schedule an appointment with one of our providers. They will take the time to learn about you, what’s important to you, the concerns you have.

Together you will build a plan that makes sense to you. No extras, just what you need to achieve real, visible results. You can also find out more about REFINE by clicking here. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to optimal skin health!

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