Redefining skin care with precision

With the help of VISIA, a computerized skin analysis system, beautiful radiant skin is easily attainable. A unique imaging system, it provides a multi-dimensional assessment of your skin’s health. As part of our skin consultation at Maffi Clinics, it is a valuable tool in creating a personalized skin regimen.

Computerized Skin Analysis

Our skin is impacted by genetics, environmental factors and sun exposure. Using VISIA, we are able to scan and measure eight areas of your skin that affect it health and appearance. These areas show up as spots, wrinkles, rough texture, pore size, UV spots, brown spots, red spots, and porphyrins. Identifying your skin’s characteristics, health and appearance allow us to target treatments and medical-grade skin care products tailored to your skin’s specific needs. Watch our VISIA skin analysis video.