They trigger your skin’s natural healing response.


Can a pen with 12 tiny needles really change your skin’s appearance?  Just the idea of it, needles poking into your skin seems a little bizarre. But those teeny needles have a huge impact.

The science behind microneedling focuses on the skin’s healing process. The tiny needles in Skin Pen’s microneedling device create microscopic pricks in the skin, teeny micro injuries. These injuries trigger the skin’s natural healing response. Growth factors are released and the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated. Boosting the production of these protein fibers help keep the skin smooth and supple.


Microneedling targets a variety of skin concerns. The treatment can:

  • Tighten and rejuvenate the skin
  • Minimize skin discoloration and melasma
  • Improve acne scarring
  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce pore size


Microneedling is customizable to maximize its effects. Needle depth is adjustable, providing optimal results for specific skin concerns. Serums or products can be applied to address discoloration, moisture or scarring. Treating with Ultra Pure PRP following microneedling adds additional growth factors further enhancing the healing process. As an anti-aging treatment, microneedling can rejuvenate the whole face, neck and décolleté, tightening crepey skin.


Results can be seen after just one treatment, with continued improvement from the stimulation of collagen. Skin is softer, smoother, more radiant. For optimal results, we recommend a series of 3 treatments spaced one month apart, followed by maintenance treatments. Change your skin with microneedling! Schedule an appointment with Bre, Kari or Teann, Maffi Skin Clinic’s licensed aestheticians, at 480.505.6430.

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