SkinCeuticals Custom DOSE is now at Maffi Clinics

Skinceuticals Custom DOSE Machine:  Transforming Skin Care with Innovative Precision

The skin is the largest, most unique, identifiable feature on a person. Clearly, no two people have identical skin. Variations in tone, texture and sensitivity abound. Why then, should one skin care product be the “best” for everyone? In general, no product works exactly the same for every person. At Maffi Skin Clinic we believe that an ideal skin care regimen should individually address a person’s specific concerns and treat unique problem areas with precision. Now you can purchase a SkinCeuticals Custom DOSE at Maffi Clinics! With the SkinCeuticals Custom DOSE machine, and the world just got a little more ideal.

What is SkinCeuticals Custom DOSE?

The Custom DOSE is a personalized skincare innovation that allows for diagnostic evaluation of your specific skin needs, and creates a highly specific, modifiable corrective serum carefully developed, measured, and dispensed in 10 minutes. Each formulated serum will contain the personalized balance of exfoliating, brightening, clarifying, and enhancing ingredients in a hydroalcoholic or emulsion base, based on your skin evaluation. Rather than needing multiple products to address various concerns, this solution creates an all-in-one customized serum for you. With high-tech capability, and advanced composition techniques, your custom serum can address any skin concerns with high-potency effectiveness. And even better, the serum is modifiable over time, so as your skin changes, your prescriptive blend of ingredients can change too, providing top tier results for perpetual skin aesthetics. A prime example of how the Custom DOSE machine revolutionizes skin care is looking at the ingredient of retinol. Retinol is a power anti-aging component found in some skin care products, but some patients are initially sensitive to certain levels, and need a slow increase in dose to tolerate the ingredient well. The SkinCeuticals Custom DOSE machine allows for the percentage of retinol in a serum to gradually increase over time so that your skin improves without undesirable symptoms such as excess flaking or dryness. The formula is expertly adapted over time to maximize anti-aging properties.

How Does the Skinceuticals Custom Dose Machine Work?

The first step in the process is an in-office consultation with a professional skin care provider. A careful assessment of the skin occurs, along with a discussion of any concerns. After answering a series of quick questions on the easy-to-use tablet app, the machine goes to work. Ideal active ingredients added at precise levels, undergo a fast-track spin at 1200 rotations per minute to yield a clinical-grade serum dispensed quickly to meet your needs. You will be able to watch the process unfold, and most patients love seeing their specialized formula constructed right before their eyes.

What is in the Custom DOSE serum?

Completely customized, your serum contains only high-quality, high-performing Skinceuticals products. Recognized and developed in science, the Custom DOSE serum draws from 24 individual ingredients, formulated at optimal percentages, to create your perfect blend. Some choice ingredients may include retinol, kojic acid, glycolic acid, licorice root, mulberry extracts, or lactic acid, to name a few. Only products selected as helpful to your skin titrate into the serum, in a precise calibration of ingredients. Your serum comes labeled, barcoded, and packaged just for you, making re-ordering simple. Your high-quality formulated serum comes with an expiration date so that you can be sure to use follow your regimen for fast-track results. Additionally, we provide a timeline for re-evaluation and any specific instructions for your individualized plan. The Custom DOSE serum also has the added benefit of being customizable for both daytime and nighttime skin care. Different times of day sometimes call for different ingredients to achieve optimal results. The machine can formulate a specific morning and evening serum, completely adapted for your skin, that addresses and treats problem areas for optimal aesthetic outcomes. For instance, the morning serum often does not contain a retinol, while the evening serum does, so that the ingredients can work overnight for an ideal effect.

Can I use the Custom DOSE with my Current Skincare Regimen?

Yes, in general the Custom DOSE is a great additive to a skincare regimen, and you can often use your preferred cleansers, sunscreens, et cetera as usual.  Other skin interventions like hydradermabrasion or microneedling treatments are also compatible with the Custom DOSE serum. Notably, you may find that this all-in-one serum replaces multiple products and creates a streamlined, time-saving process for your skin care regimen. Your skin care specialist can incorporate your Custom DOSE serum into an in-office procedural care plan, recommending applications pre- and post-procedure to maximize benefit and promote top notch results.

Buy your Skinceuticals Custom DOSE at Maffi Clinics: Maffi Clinics is home to a select SkinCeuticals Custom DOSE machine, one of only two in all of Arizona. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care and offering top of the line skin treatments like the SkinCeuticals Custom DOSE machine. At Maffi Clinics you will have access to this exceptional machine, along with expert practitioners who are highly skilled at making best practice recommendations for many of the skin concerns that you may have. Recognized as the premier practice in the greater Scottsdale area, we offer advanced care, high-level equipment, and expertly trained staff. At Maffi Clinics, your skin’s health and appearance is our top priority. If you would like to find out more, or to try our SkinCeuticals Custom DOSE machine for yourself, call our office at 480-505-6430 for a consultation. Your most beautiful skin awaits! 



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